Microservices in a frontend: SOA in JavaScript

In this post we will discuss about the approach to building the frontend of the websites in terms of the microservices paradigm, dataflow and communication between services through the exchange of events (messages). I will use Backbone.js framework as an example.

Why Backbone? Because it is out-of-the-box best (as far as I know) of JavaScript frameworks originally designed to work with the data – instead other frameworks designed to work with visualization layer at the first. If you agree that the models, relationships and business logic – are the core, then you should agree with me. There are other points of view, and other tools – more focused on html, visual effects and the interaction with the user.

This approach is reflected even in the set of Backbone tools: a lot of tools for data and extremely simple templater. Fortunately, you can use the Backbone along with any other templater engine. Continue reading “Microservices in a frontend: SOA in JavaScript”