Find cat at the image: visual recognition

How to detect what is on the uploaded picture? Cat or dog? If people, which age and gender? Here is a short manual.

Meet IBM Watson service! IBM Bluemix provides a lot of services like Amazon or Heroku. You just give a public URL to image to Visual Recognition service, and get back JSON with detailed information with recognized items, people or words. Find out more at the demo page

How to do the same in your project? Registration and obtaining the key are implemented by very strange and un-user-friendly way, so I described it step-by-step.

1. Register at (make sure you set checkbox “Use Bluemix”) and confirm account.
2. Login to with same credentials, do a lot of strange things what they will ask you.
3. Go to /catalog and find Visual Recognition service, step inside, read about pricing and click “Create” at the right bottom corner.
4. Wait for 5 minutes and get your credentials (API KEY).

If you are lost, you can find this information at /services.

Now you can go to Swagger docs and see the examples for your requests. It is enough to implement them throw simple HTTP GET.

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